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> tm&w for evaluations, methodology development, project activities, project management, information, researchand advice.


The main topics are described below. Please see portfolio for specific examples of the work done bij tm&w. My apologies that most of the information in the portfolio is in Dutch. 


tm&w is convinced that everone will profit by participating in society and by an evironment which is willing to see chances and possibilities for people with disabilities. This might be a disability which influences someone's physical, intellectual, behavioural or psychological functioning. Taking everone into account from the very first moment: inclusion. And striving to the best possible quality of life.


easy to read language

Many people experience difficulties with reading. Tranforming written material into much easier to read material, using rules for grammar, spelling, layout, etc. makes it useful for every reader. The rules referred to are called 'Taal voor allemaal'. tm&w is an expert in 'Taal voor allemaal', in using the rules and teaching others how to use it. It's not just rules however. It is also taking into account the span of attention, pre knowledge and reading motivation of readers.



People deserve an education that gets the best out of them and that fits best to their talents. tm&w can support in (research) projects in all educational types and levels.


Finding, getting and keeping a job is important to everyone. For some people this is not so easy because of a disability, but also because the labour market is not always ready or willing to hire people with disabilities. tm&w wants to contribute to a better position on the labour market for all people. 



Care covers a large area. Think of youth care, disability care, psychiatry, medical care, paramedical care, longterm care, rehabilitation, etc. And also think of support, for example through assistive technology. tm&w wants to contribute to one's quality of life. Care, support, education and work are preferred to be seen in coherence.